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 Psychedelic Services

J​oin Our Beta-Cohort!


Psychedelic Preparation Program

A 4-week journey tailored for high-stress professionals seeking profound personal and professional transformation.
This program offers:


Lifelong Transformation

  • Imagine a life where you confidently express your creativity, experience joy in non-productive activities, and travel the world with peace of mind. Our program is designed to make this vision a reality, helping you live a life filled with happiness, deep connections, and a sense of magic and awe.

Meaningful Transformation:

  • Expect significant shifts in self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and creative expression, fostering resilience and creativity.

Community and Connection

  • Build valuable connections with peers who share your aspirations, creating a supportive network that extends beyond the program.

Practical Tools

  • Equip yourself with natural and innovative strategies to enhance your daily life and mental well-being, all grounded in a safe and supportive environment.

Here is how it works:

Rich Engagement:

  • Participate in 7 live classes facilitated by experts in the field that provide immersive, hands-on learning and personalized guidance.


Diverse Perspectives:

  • Gain insights from 4 different speakers, each bringing unique expertise to enhance your understanding and experience.

Commitment to Your Growth

  • We understand the financial and emotional considerations of starting such a profound journey. Our program is structured to be financially accessible and emotionally supportive, ensuring that you feel safe and understood every step of the way without the fear of judgment.


This is a Beta-Cohort and is available for  $297, which is a price that will never  be this low again!
Reach out and let's have a virtual coffee if my words resonated with you!

Integration Sessions
Coming soon!!

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